Helping Your Body Adjust To Cold Alberta Winter Months

Winter is a mystical and magical time. Snow on the ground, hot chocolate in hand as you park in front of a roaring fireplace. As beautiful as winter is, it’s also a time where the body begins to drop its defenses.

Though colds and cases of flu can occur at any time during the year, they are more frequent during the winter season. This is attributable to the fact that of a reduction in the production of white blood cells that handle the aversion of diseases. Medical records indicate that most people in Edmonton are affected by colds and cases of flu during the winter seasons due to the unbearable low temperatures. shares how chiropractic intervention aids in the treatment of colds and flu-like symptoms.

At the west Edmonton chiropractor, we are committed to enhancing good health during winter seasons. Our chiropractic care interventions target the spinal cord and are designed to extirpate the misalignment in the spine. Also, our chiropractic care increases the immune systems fighting response leading to an active production of white blood cells that in turn secures the body from flu and colds.

Depression is another medical condition that is heightened in the winter months. Depression affects about 10% of people living in Canada and research indicates that the number increases during the winter season. Medical records show that the number of persons seeking treatment for depression in Edmonton increases tremendously during winter seasons. Since depression is highly connected with the nervous system, chiropractic care can be an effective tool for treatment of the condition. Chiropractic care improves an individual’s nervous system hence enhancing effective communication within the brain causing a relief of stress and other conditions associated with depression. If conditions allow, it’s important to get out and walk the dog or partake in a stroll or run. Activity will decimate depression.

chiropratic-adustment-during-the-winter Temperatures in Alberta, Canada during the winter months average -15 to -25 C (5 to -13 F). These temperatures highlight achy bones and joints. Patients are suffering from the increased joint stiffness and express significant pain during the winter season due to the low temperatures coupled with reduced mobility. The pain in the joints reduces the victim’s ability to move and may present other complications during the winter seasons. Just like the other illnesses described here above, explains west Edmonton chiropractor, painful joints are seen to be more severe in patients living in harsh winter conditions like Alberta.

How Can Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic care is designed in such a way that it reduces the overwhelming pain that characterize the victims during the cold seasons. Reduction of pain enables the beneficiaries of the treatment to move more comfortably and prevents further complications. West Edmonton chiropractor also offers advice to patients regarding healthy feeding habits and also encourages patients to embrace physical exercises. Other services such as massage are offered in some cases which may be effective in relief of pain in the joints.