Surviving The Winter With A Pelvic Implant


Stress incontinence is often overlooked during the winter months, and its effects can be depressing and debilitating. What is the relationship between incontinence and winter? Before we look into that matter let us find out what causes incontinence.

It is the result of the inadequate strength of the aperture of the urinary bladder to effect a complete closure. In winter due to a cough, cold and overfilled bladder the pressure on the aperture can be recurrent as the instances of coughing and sneezing are likely to be more. Various remedies are suggested to manage this harrowing condition including the much talked about pelvic implant that has resulted in the burgeoning of a new subject of law represented by a pelvic mesh lawyer.

If women were aware of ways to combat stress incontinence, far less mesh implant would be performed. What are some standard methods for combating stress incontinence you ask? One of the common methods used to strengthen the entire pelvic area with appropriate exercises is known as the Kegel exercise.

You can be expected to perform 24 daily contractions for at least two months to produce any tangible results. The exercise is beneficially for women who are under 60. There are other methods too. However, due to craving for easy and quick fix solutions many women go for pelvic implants to strengthen and support the urinary bladder. It has been found to be effective in many women. However, there have been some cases when the implant does more harm than good. In some cases,  serious problems have cropped up which warrant a woman calling upon a pelvic mesh lawyer.

Women find themselves in the winter months with pelvic implants that are becoming faulty as they find themselves susceptible to winter colds that produce more sneezing and coughing.


We have to remember, an implant is certainly a foreign element introduced from outside. It’s not often taken into account how the body will react to the implant when undergoing everyday health issues as a common cold or a bladder infection.

It’s recommended to improve your immunity as you enter into the winter months. Your immunity can be increased by not smoking, exercising regularly and eating a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables and minimally processed foods. Also, we have a tendency to put on weight in the winter months that place an additional strain on the pelvic area, so it is suggested to watch your weight year round.

Introducing positive health strategies like not smoking, eating healthy and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle will not only protect you during the winter months but will benefit you throughout the entire year!

Surely you don’t want to find yourself forced to locate a pelvic mesh lawyer. It’s paramount that you express any side effects or new concerns to your physician upon onset.